What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

When you have a run in with the law no matter the situation, you can feel overwhelmed and not know what to do. Now everyone is telling you to hire a criminal defense lawyer. Whom should you hire and what can they do for you? When you do not have all of the information you need, these circumstances can be scary and uncomfortable. Here is some information about what criminal defense lawyers do, to help alleviate your fears and get you back in control of your life.

What is a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

When you hear the words criminal defense lawyer what comes to mind? Maybe those high-profile cases of notorious criminals sitting in a courtroom. While this would be an accurate description, that is only the tip of what criminal defense lawyers do. The true definition of a criminal defense lawyer is someone who defends a person who has been charged with a crime. This does not mean only heinous crimes but covers all offenses. It is their job to be the protector of the accused, no matter what type of case it is.

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Types of Criminal Defense Cases

Now that you know what criminal defense lawyers are you are wondering what does a criminal defense lawyer do? Because crimes are defined as any infraction of the law, there are many different roles and case types that are covered under a criminal defense attorney. Our southeastern Washington criminal defense lawyers handle a wide range of cases ranging from misdemeanor charges to felony offenses. It is their job to represent those who have been charged with any type of crime from the time of the initial charge, through the court process, and beyond. Not all criminal defense cases are high profile murder trials. What sets criminal defense lawyers apart from the rest is that they are willing to protect the rights of all who have been charged with a crime, not just those who are easy wins. They are often faced with daunting tasks and rise to the occasion with the belief that everyone has a right to be protected under the law.

Why Hire a Defense Lawyer?

There are many reasons to hire a criminal defense lawyer. Hiring the right team for your criminal defense will give you the sense of having someone that cares, who will defend your rights. Because the average person does not know the ins and outs of the laws as they pertain to their case, it is important that you have someone on your team who does. Contacting a criminal defense attorney makes sure you have a fair chance in court. Call us today to see how we can help your case, (509) 783-5551!

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