What to Do If You’ve Been Charged with Possession in Washington State

If you’ve been charged with drug possession for the first time, you may be distressed and unsure of what is going to happen next. The severity of the charge will depend on the individual circumstances of your case, such as the type of drug and amount you were carrying.

The best thing you can do if you face a possession charge in Washington is to contact Rodriguez Interiano Hanson & Rodgers for legal assistance.

Types of Possession Charges in Washington

If you’re caught with a controlled substance, this is a Class C felony. Controlled substances include heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and oxycodone. If you’re found guilty, you could face up to five years in prison, as well as up to $10,000 to pay in fines.

Next Steps After Being Charged With Possession

There are possible defenses you can consider for your case. This includes entrapment, unwitting possession and Fourth Amendment violations. But the most important thing you can do if you face a possession charge in Washington is to find a criminal lawyer. You could face a long sentence for drug possession if you don’t find good representation. A lawyer for a shoplifting charge will know the best way to represent your case and use any defenses that are suitable.

At Rodriguez Interiano Hanson & Rodgers, we have an experienced team with a criminal defense attorney that can help you. We make sure every case is thoroughly examined and researched before offering you suitable representation. We know Washington State and federal law inside and out, using a variety of tactics in order to build a successful defense for you. We understand it can be stressful and confusing when you have a possession charge in Washington. That is why we offer support throughout the process and make sure that your case is fairly considered by all parties to reach the best outcome.

If you need a lawyer for a shoplifting charge, contact Rodriguez Interiano Hanson & Rodgers today.

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