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Are you seeking legal counsel for financial advice or a recent criminal case? A vital step to winning any case is hiring a knowledgeable lawyer who knows your regional laws inside and out. A case can easily go either way if you choose a lawyer who is not an expert in the specific field you need.

Located in Southeastern Washington, Quantum Legal specializes in local and regional laws in concern of criminal defense, personal injury, and worker’s compensation. Our Tri-Cities lawyers make it their mission to aid you in achieving the best possible conclusion for your case.

Please review the following practice areas to determine which services you need most from your Tri-Cities lawyer:


Did you recently get charged for a crime? Getting charged is very serious, so hiring a professional lawyer as your legal representative in court can be a huge difference in your criminal case.


Did you get in an accident that resulted in an injury? Rodriguez Interiano Hanson & Rodgers will fight until you receive the benefits you deserve from an auto accident or slip and fall that wasn’t your fault.


Getting hurt at work doesn’t always result in your employer being fair with the benefits you can gain from the work accident. This is why hiring a lawyer who has experience navigating the worker’s compensation claims can come in handy for your case.

Legal Services in southeastern Washington

Our law office in southeastern Washington can provide the best counsel, support, and advice when you require legal services from an experienced lawyer.

For those who have a criminal case, having the most professional, knowledgeable court representation on your side will do better in your favor than an inexperienced lawyer. Hiring one of our experienced lawyers at Rodriguez Interiano Hanson & Rodgers can make a difference in your case since we can use our knowledge of the local laws to help win your case.

If you decide to hire one of our lawyers is the right decision for you, complete our form online or contact our southeastern Washington office at (509) 783-5551 to schedule your first, no-cost consultation with one of our experienced attorneys!