Workers’ Compensation

Get Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you have been injured on the job, you are entitled to specific benefits according to the Industrial Insurance Act (Title 51 RCW). If an employer fails to pay you what you are owed for your injuries sustained on the job, it may be time for you to seek legal assistance. Quantum Legal has helped thousands of clients obtain the benefits they are due after suffering workplace accidents. We know how important it is to recover financially after sustaining severe injuries, which is why we are here to aid you in filing your workers’ compensation claim.

Workers injured on the job are entitled to the following compensatory benefits:

  • Lost Wages: Covers workers expected wages during the time of recovery. 
  • Medical Treatment: All medical treatment received as a result of the injury should be covered.
  • Loss of Earning Power: If serious injuries prevent workers from performing at the same earning power as prior to the injury, this will compensate for the difference. 
  • Vocational Services: If injuries prevent workers from continuing their current job, the benefits should provide financial assistance for training courses to pursue employment within post-injury restrictions. 
  • Permanent Impairment: Workers permanently impaired are awarded a one-time payment proportional to the injury’s permeance.
  • Pension: If workers can no longer work on the job due to their injury, the Department of Labor and Industries may provide the option to receive a pension for the rest of their lives.

If you are located in Southeastern Washington, call us today if you believe you are not receiving adequate compensation for your injuries. Quantum Legal will provide you with expert legal counsel and representation so you can successfully file your workers’ compensation claim and receive your rightful benefits.

Unsure if you have a rightful claim? You can speak with one of our representatives in a no-obligation consultation to assess your situation.