Motorcycle Accident Facts

Cars provide you with some protection in an accident. But when you’re on a motorcycle and crash, you’re more at risk from injury. This includes suffering from fatal injuries. Of course, this is not something you want to think about when you’re riding a motorcycle. But if you’re ever in this situation, it’s important that you know what to do and who you can turn to for help.

What are the Most Common Motorcycle Accidents?

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, we can see a pattern in behavior that leads to a crash. In particular, unsafe lane changes are a leading cause of accidents. This may be down to a rider not checking their blind spot or not signaling when changing lanes.

Speeding is a big one and this can increase the risk of an accident occurring and being hit by another driver. Sudden stops can also result in serious injury. Driving under the influence can impair your abilities of control and this all contributes to fatalities on the road.

Accident Facts

According to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, motorcyclists only make up three percent of road users. However, they make up 15 percent of fatalities on the road. This is a worrying statistic and they’re most likely to happen during dry weather and daylight hours. It’s estimated that around one in five accidents result in serious injury or death. Unfortunately, 91 percent of motorcyclists involved in a fatal crash are male. It appears that accidents happen among all age groups.

It’s believed that about 75 percent of fatalists are caused by mistakes made by the motorcyclists. This means that these incidents could have been avoided. Of course, a lot of motorcycle accident situations can happen on the road that aren’t the rider’s fault too.

Personal Injury Attorneys for Motorcycle Accidents

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, you can claim for compensation if it wasn’t your fault. This is where Rodriguez Interiano Hanson & Rodgers can help you. Our team has a lot of training and experience when it comes to personal injury cases involving motorcycles. We can make sure you receive the compensation that you deserve. Cases involving serious injury are often complicated. The best thing that you can do is ask for help to ensure the correct outcome is reached.

You can contact us today to ensure you have representation and support for your personal injury claim.

Stages of a Personal Injury Claim

People can suffer injuries through the intentional or unintentional (negligent) acts of another. It is important to know the next steps should this unfortunate predicament

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